Addressing Diversity and Inclusion: Going Beyond the Benchmark

Insights from Workplace Intelligence’s Panel of HR and Diversity Leaders
The year 2020 presented unique challenges to public health, the global economy, the political landscape, and the social fabric of our global communities. Still, we found ourselves dealing with many other challenges like gender equality, diversity, and inclusion across the world. This alarmed us to the magnitude of effort that must still be exerted to alleviate these issues.
In a recent report published by Workplace Intelligence in partnership with ORACLE, a panel of HR and Diversity Leaders from Schneider Electric, Marriott, DHL Supply Chain, Marks & Spencer, Co-op, Boston Scientific, Nielsen IQ, Anthem, GM, and Siemens Energy shared insights on their common goals and how their organizations succeeded in removing their D&I obstacles and having their workforce being involved more than ever.

What’s included in the report?

Insights from 10 global top D&I executives about:
  • The driving factors that made their companies focus on D&I.
  • Their 2021 D&I priorities and the reasons behind focusing on them.
  • Their biggest challenges they faced as they pursued their D&I programs.
  • Their most effective D&I programs to date and the success of their impact on business performance.
  • Their vision for the future of D&I and the steps taken today to realize that future.
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