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Mobile Experts Share the Strategies You Need to Grow Right Now

Join our Growth Series Masterclass on July 14 – 15, 2021 and discover how top leaders at Branch, Headspin, AVOW, and CleverTap are reimagining acquisition, engagement, retention, customer experience, and new growth opportunities for the second half of 2021.

Learn the Growth Secrets Driving Success for Today’s Winning Brands
In this 2-day Growth Series Masterclass, you’ll learn:
  • How to accelerate mobile user growth and increase CLTV
  • How to expand your reach and unlock new revenue streams with OEM partnerships
  • How to improve customer experience through smart app localization
These top growth professionals will address the challenges they’re overcoming and the strategies they use to succeed.

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    Growth Series Masterclass

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    JULY 14, 2021

    2:00 PM IST | 4:30 PM SGT

    Customer Acquisition & Retention

    Accelerate Mobile User Growth and Increase Lifetime Value

    • New trends and data points around customer behaviour in the first half of 2021
    • The missing element in your marketing efforts — organic app growth
    • Best practices for driving engagement and growth at every stage
    • Personalizing the user experience in ways that fuel cross-promotion, improve CLTV, and build brand loyalty

    Sandeep Almiya

    Sr. Customer Success Manager, Branch

    As a Senior Customer Success Manager at Branch, Sandeep manages clients across different verticals, helping them solve their use cases with new product implementations. He has more than 9+ years of experience in business development, customer success, performance marketing in the mobile advertising & SaaS ecosystem.

    Jeevitha Ganesan

    CleverTap Expert, APAC

    Jeevitha is a Customer Success Specialist & a CleverTap expert. She currently works with hundreds of brands across APAC, handling customer onboarding, product adoption, and customer satisfaction. She has over 6 years of experience, championing customers across companies like Ematic Solutions, Mirum Agency (previously XM Asia), Cheetah Digital, and most recently, CleverTap.

    JULY 15, 2021

    2:00 PM IST | 4:30 PM SGT

    New Growth Opportunities & Digital Experience

    • Connect with an untapped global audience of over 1.5 billion daily active users
    • Improve ROAS in real-time
    • Learn how Tinder and other major global brands improved customer experience across global markets through smart app localization

    Ashwin Shekhar

    Co-Founder and CRO, AVOW

    Ashwin Shekhar is Co-Founder and CRO of AVOW. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, he supported mobile champions such as Twitter, Uber, Flipkart, Traveloka, and Tokopedia to scale their businesses.

    Angie Rai

    Senior Director of Sales, HeadSpin

    As a Senior Director at HeadSpin, Angie Rai helps clients achieve flawless digital experiences across their user’s devices, networks and locations.

    Get Ready to Grow!
    Join us on July 14 – 15, 2021 to unlock the next phase of growth for your mobile brand.
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