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Join Us: April 29th 2021 | 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM SGT

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April 29th 2021

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03:00 PM – 04:00 PM SGT

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With businesses in a slump and skeletal staff, there’s no better time to integrate AI and automation into your customer experience strategy.

This time has changed the way in which we engage with our customers though the stories are the same – a rise in digital customer queries, backed-up phone lines, support backlogs running into the 1000s, and budget cuts that add more fuel to the fire.
Most organizations have responded by throwing back more and more technology to fix their CX efforts. Despite the rising expenditure on tech, the struggle to handle customers and delight them with exceptional support and service continues.
We are hosting a webinar where our experts will discuss how integrating Customer Experience with AI and Automation can enhance building a customer-centric culture and the best practices for the current support landscape.
Attend this exclusive webinar to grab how you can:  
  • How AI and effective use of bots are currently used to enhance customer experience
  • Redesigning journeys to shift phone volume to chat and messaging
  • Determining when to use bots and when to use agents
  • Creating seamless, customer-centric hand-offs between AI and human employees
  • Using AI to guide conversations and improve agent productivity

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