Live Demo: November 4th 2020 | 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM SGT

Scale your business with Open Hybrid Cloud- The most secure Enterprise Cloud platform

IBM and Red Hat address your journey to cloud with the most Open and Secure Public Cloud for Business

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November 04th 2020

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10:30 AM to 11:30 AM SGT

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Cloud has been the engine of digital transformation for many years, but as we move ahead with the growing need for agility and readily accessible data, along with just building applications, you also want to monetize the core part of your business, that is the engine of how your business operates.
Cloud Paks are the way to deliver enterprise-grade software designed to run containerized workloads and services (Kubernetes), for a faster, automated, and reliable way to build, run & manage your business on the cloud.
IBM Cloud Paks are open, secure, and consumable that optimize patterns for scalability, reliability, and Management across the new Hybrid Cloud, and you can blend both open source middleware and trusted proven enterprise-grade middleware together for the best of both worlds.
Join us for a live session and learn why Aegean Airlines, BNP Paribas, Elaw Tecnologia SA, and Home Trust chose IBM Public Cloud to run their dynamic, demanding, secured mission-critical workloads.

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    Build resilience through smarter supply chains

    A smarter business starts with a smarter supply chain.

    A smarter supply chain helps you enable end-to-end visibility and transparency with intelligent workflows, minimize the complexity of supplier onboarding and collaboration.

    Attend this keynote to learn how smarter supply chains can help you drive resiliency, agility, predictability and deliver on more customer promises!

    The journey to a frictionless and resilient supply chain

    Modern supply chains are longer and more complex than ever. 87% of CSCO say it is difficult to predict and manage disruptions. Supply chain processes, hence, should enable a frictionless space to connect and collaborate within, reduce operational silos, respond to market disruptions, mitigate risk and maintain business continuity.

    Attend this panel discussion to learn how:

    • Forward-looking organizations are adapting supply chains to disruptive pandemic
    • Technology can help build resiliency into your supply chain
    Immersive experience through demos and industry-specific use cases
    • Continuous intelligent planning
    • Smarter supply chain control tower
    • Intelligent order management & fulfilment
    • Digitalization of supply chain: eInvoicing
    Deep-dive Sessions
    • Supply chain visibility 360: How Lenovo is building smarter control towers
    • Delivering on customer needs through smarter fulfilment
    • Reduce the cost, complexity and risk of supplier onboarding and management
    • Extending the value: What’s new in Sterling Supply Chain Business Network
    • IBM Blockchain Solutions for Supply Chain


    Anthony Dasari

    GTM Offering Manager, Public Cloud IBM

    GTM Offering Manager, Public Cloud

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