Digital content creation and delivery in times of Pandemic

Challenges, opportunities and cloud-enabled platforms

Online Webinar: September 10th 2020, 2:30 PM SGT


10th September 2020


Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand  – 2:30 PM SGT

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Nothing is “business as usual,” and it may not be for some time. The current pandemic has ushered in an era of extreme digitisation where consumers are spending more time online to virtually connect with others, stream entertainment and stay up to date on current events and global news.
Employees have transitioned to a work-from-home (WFH) model, companies have had to shift from traditional F2F engagement to digital channels including webinars, virtual events and other formats. All along, the cloud has been the biggest enabler of this change.
A BCG study revealed that spending on the public cloud and related services were growing at a CAGR of 25% across APAC. With the pandemic this effect might be more pronounced not only for enterprises but for smaller firms as well.
Businesses that are into digital marketing, digital media, content creation and entertainment services now find themselves at centerstage having to deliver better products, services and experiences to their customers as they adjust to a new norm and transform.

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    But this also means increased stress on existing infrastructure, more compute for graphic processing, faster throughput and looking for cost-efficient ways to deliver content and digital assets, often across borders.
    Join IBM’s Gajun Ganendran – CTO, IBM Public Cloud for a discussion on how companies can leverage the scale, elasticity and cost-efficiencies of a global, secure cloud to strengthen their operations, advance automation, and deliver offerings to customers faster and at lower costs.


    Build resilience through smarter supply chains

    A smarter business starts with a smarter supply chain.

    A smarter supply chain helps you enable end-to-end visibility and transparency with intelligent workflows, minimize the complexity of supplier onboarding and collaboration.

    Attend this keynote to learn how smarter supply chains can help you drive resiliency, agility, predictability and deliver on more customer promises!

    The journey to a frictionless and resilient supply chain

    Modern supply chains are longer and more complex than ever. 87% of CSCO say it is difficult to predict and manage disruptions. Supply chain processes, hence, should enable a frictionless space to connect and collaborate within, reduce operational silos, respond to market disruptions, mitigate risk and maintain business continuity.

    Attend this panel discussion to learn how:

    • Forward-looking organizations are adapting supply chains to disruptive pandemic
    • Technology can help build resiliency into your supply chain
    Immersive experience through demos and industry-specific use cases
    • Continuous intelligent planning
    • Smarter supply chain control tower
    • Intelligent order management & fulfilment
    • Digitalization of supply chain: eInvoicing
    Deep-dive Sessions
    • Supply chain visibility 360: How Lenovo is building smarter control towers
    • Delivering on customer needs through smarter fulfilment
    • Reduce the cost, complexity and risk of supplier onboarding and management
    • Extending the value: What’s new in Sterling Supply Chain Business Network
    • IBM Blockchain Solutions for Supply Chain

    Our Speaker

    Gajun Ganendran

    Asia Pacific CTO – IBM Cloud Platform

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