Online Webinar: September 14th 2020 | 9:30 AM IST | 12:00 PM SGT | 14:00 PM AEST

AI applications to ensure the safe return of your employees to workplace

How to return people to the workplace in the right way using technologies like AI to ensure good health, safety, and productivity.

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September 14th 2020

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9:30 AM IST

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14:00 PM AEST


12:00 PM SGT

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The way we work is being reimagined at every level—from where, to how, to what we do. To make informed decisions about your people, buildings, and spaces you need the right data and insights.
Artificial intelligence (AI) models and applications to help companies navigate the return-to-workplace challenges following the COVID-19 induced lockdown.

Highlights of the webinar:-

Workplace Re-Entry

  • Making evidence-based decisions about return to the workplace.
  • Assists the organization in assessing worksite and community risk data in real-time, helping companies to identify locations and conditions to return to the workplace.
  • Advanced employee application designed to answer questions related to COVID-19, lets employees identify symptoms, and communicates the return to the workplace status as well as your HR policies.

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    Facilities Management

    • Create workspace plans meeting social distancing requirements.
    • Monitor space occupancy by using the data in near real-time along with the data from the camera’s, mobile phones to conduct face mass detection and monitor employees within a floor and perform contact tracing all ensuring employee privacy

    Contact Tracing and Care Management

    • Perform Interview based high touch contact tracing for the employees, assess their needs, and built care plans that connect high-risk employees to medical benefits and social services.
    • Identifies contacts who have come in contact with other employees
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    Our Speakers

    David Small

    Business Unit Executive - AI Applications, IBM - ANZ

    Kurup Prasad

    Senior Partner – IBM Asia Pacific Cognitive Business Decision Support, Global Business Services

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