LIVE DEMO: October 26th 2020 | 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM SGT

AI tool for IT Ops teams to automate, detect and diagnose problems

AIOps by IBM Watson, Launched in June 2020

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October 26th 2020

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2:30 PM to 3:30 PM SGT

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The IT operations environment generates many kinds of data. These include metrics, alerts, events, logs, tickets, application and infrastructure topology, deployment configurations, and chat conversations.
An advanced IT operations management system can take all of this data as inputs, detect incidents early, predict when incidents may occur.
The AIOps system also offers timely and relevant guidance on how to resolve incidents quickly and efficiently, automatically apply resolutions when applicable, and proactively avoid them from recurring.
Join us on a live demo presented by the IBM team.
You will walk away with an understanding of:
  • The challenges of operating in a hybrid multi-cloud environment. 
  • The importance of accelerating the journey to cloud with modernized management. 
  • ITOps transformation with AI and automation. 
  • The capabilities of Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management and Watson AIOps showcased through a live demo.

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    Nicky Choo

    Head – Cloud Integration & Edge Business

    Daniel X Gagic

    Senior Architect, Worldwide Redhat Synergy Team, IBM

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