IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

Automate deployment, management, and governance from a single control point, wherever your workloads run

Live Webinar: December 3rd 2020 | 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM AEDT

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December 3rd 2020


2:30 PM to 3:30 PM AEDT

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Automate end-to-end lifecycle management

With IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management, an AI-driven management platform is designed to transform your IT Operations by infusing AI technology across your organizations.
The platform offers full visibility and control wherever your workloads run as well as offers consistent end-to-end lifecycle management for applications and infrastructure.
By infusing AI into your applications, you can use the data to scale and automate your operation practices across on-premise and cloud environments.

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    You can infuse AI into IT operations with IBM in 3 ways:-

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    Use Cases

    Orchestrate hybrid monitoring

    Monitoring at the microservice level provides visibility into the total state of application environments. Gain efficiency and visibility into both containers and VMs — regardless of cloud provider or volume of clusters — from a single control point.

    Enforce policy at scale

    Hybrid environments with disparate resources can pose a challenge for policy enforcement. Automation of policy and governance can reduce the burden of maintaining consistent governance, framing a DevSecOps operating model for modern IT environments.

    Optimize application performance

    Rapid triage of application performance issues is critical. With golden signals and synthetic monitoring, operations and development teams can collaborate using a common framework of application architecture and deployment policies regardless of infrastructure.


    Kalyan Madala

    Chief Architect for IBM Cloud & Cognitive Solutions - Asia Pacific, IBM Singapore.

    Chief Architect for IBM Cloud & Cognitive Solutions – Asia Pacific, IBM Singapore.

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