Inbound Calling Solution

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Exotel is a cloud communication platform that allows you to manage your customer communication touchpoints by seamlessly integrating with legacy systems.
Our Remote Work Solution helps in setting up a virtual contact centre within a day to enable all your business communication needs.

An inbound call center software helps you in easily managing high volumes of incoming calls using features like call diverts, IVR, call recording, etc. These are usually customer calls seeking support, technical help, answers to questions, inbound sales, customer service issues, etc. Agent routing is a crucial part of a cloud call center software. It ensures that calls are distributed among the right agents automatically. You can also use features like IVR to ensure that calls are diverted to the right team and your customers have a smooth calling experience.

Features of our inbound call center services:

Smart call routing

Route calls to the right agent automatically using different types of routing – equal routing, sequential routing, emergency routing, and sticky agent routing.

Call recording

Track and record all customer conversations. Use it later for dispute resolutions, quality and agent training purposes.


Create personalized call experiences by implementing IVR in your call flows. Use customer inputs over IVR to capture information and routing customers to the right agent.

Call forwarding

Redirect incoming calls to any number depending on your requirements. We support both unconditional forwarding and conditional forwarding.

Other offerings:

Outbound calls

With Exotel, Your agents can get connected to your customers using your existing CRM or from the dialer dashboard using auto-dialer. Choose your type with Exotel.


Set up an SMS sender-ID with Exotel and get started in less than 30 minutes by picking the type of SMS that is right for your business with Exotel.

Automated Calls

Calls triggered can be activity-based or for campaigns, allowing you to capture feedback via DTMF or voicemail. Automated calls can be used to notify on certain developments, send reminders, confirmations, etc. Know more how this can fit your business with Exotel.

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