OpenNESS: Powering the Network Edge On-Demand Webinar

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An Exclusive On Demand Webinar by Intel

ABOUT WEBINAR Learn how the OpenNESS software platform is enabling a new wave of services innovation at the network’s edge.

This on-demand webinar will define the OpenNESS platform and cover edge services that are being deployed today using the OpenNESS easy “Network button” approach.

Discover how you can help customers enhance operational efficiency and drive revenue in this webinar where you will learn what OpenNESS is, what the edge requirements are, what edge solutions are being deployed today, and more.

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Apex Speaker

Meet our Network experts Chris Reece, Bob Pike, Prakash Kartha to know more about OpenNESS software platform.

Best Practices

Learn best practices from our expert on extensive solutions, and incorporate those into your business processes, surrounding infrastructure and products.

Industry Insights

Gain the industry insights from our experts and discover how you can help customers enhance operational efficiency and drive revenue.

Our Speakers

Chris Reece

Technologist, Award Solutions

Bob Pike

Chief Executive Officer at Smart Edge

Prakash Kartha

Segment Director at Intel Corporation

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