Unlocking the Potential of a Modern, Distributed Workforce

Live Webinar: March 9th 2021 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM IST

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March 9th 2021

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11:00 AM – 12:00 PM IST

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While much has changed this year for support centers—service desks, help desks, and desktop support—we must also remember that a lot has changed for the customers we serve, as well. They may lack the proximity of colleagues to answer simple questions, and distractions may abound if they are working from home. To meet and exceed customer expectations, support centers must be increasingly flexible in meeting demand as IT customers and end users work from home or return to the office—or some mix of both.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How Remote Support is made simple
  • New approaches to co-browsing that are helping organisations like yours meet top CX goals.
  • The value video support can bring to your organization
  • How to make Customer’s/End User’s Remote Work & Access to Resources Seamless and Secured

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    Build resilience through smarter supply chains

    A smarter business starts with a smarter supply chain.

    A smarter supply chain helps you enable end-to-end visibility and transparency with intelligent workflows, minimize the complexity of supplier onboarding and collaboration.

    Attend this keynote to learn how smarter supply chains can help you drive resiliency, agility, predictability and deliver on more customer promises!

    The journey to a frictionless and resilient supply chain

    Modern supply chains are longer and more complex than ever. 87% of CSCO say it is difficult to predict and manage disruptions. Supply chain processes, hence, should enable a frictionless space to connect and collaborate within, reduce operational silos, respond to market disruptions, mitigate risk and maintain business continuity.

    Attend this panel discussion to learn how:

    • Forward-looking organizations are adapting supply chains to disruptive pandemic
    • Technology can help build resiliency into your supply chain
    Immersive experience through demos and industry-specific use cases
    • Continuous intelligent planning
    • Smarter supply chain control tower
    • Intelligent order management & fulfilment
    • Digitalization of supply chain: eInvoicing
    Deep-dive Sessions
    • Supply chain visibility 360: How Lenovo is building smarter control towers
    • Delivering on customer needs through smarter fulfilment
    • Reduce the cost, complexity and risk of supplier onboarding and management
    • Extending the value: What’s new in Sterling Supply Chain Business Network
    • IBM Blockchain Solutions for Supply Chain


    Ranjeet Mani

    Solution Consultant

    Solution Consultant – LogMeIn

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