Operating system for customer support

Conversational AI that makes support interactions delightful and scalable offers everything you need to automate customer support, measure your support teams’ performance, and meet your support goals.’s conversational AI chatbot interacts with your website visitors by setting it on autopilot so that you can engage and convert visitors into leads in minutes, without relying too much on your agents.

Features of

  1. Scale support volume across 20+ languages 24*7 without any worries.
  2. Get 68% support automation out of the box using VECA. Achieve high accuracy with custom machine learning models trained on 3+ million queries.
  3. Build highly customised flows that delight your customers.
  4. GDPR, CCPA, ISO:9001, and ISO:27001 certified. Get Bank-grade security with no worries about data leaks.
  5. Ingest information from any system to Build personalization at scale with 100+ integrations.

Other offerings:

Live Chat

Strike a conversation in seconds and seamlessly transfer chats to live agents for complex queries at any stage of the customer journey.

Bot Builder

Customise your bot flow to have conversations the way you want. Facilitate self-serve, agent transfer and do more.


The bot learns from previous data to create smart ML models and answers all your customers’ concerns spot-on.

Multilingual Bot

Speak the language that strongly resonates with your customers. Support in 20+ international languages, including Bahasa, Malay, and Arabic.


Empower your customers to talk and get instant and accurate help whenever and from wherever they want.


Keep your customers in the know by running campaigns on new offers, upsell/cross-sell plans, sending payment reminders, etc.

Multiple Channels

Let your customers access support instantly no matter where they are. Provide omnichannel support on 6+ channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Website, etc.

Agent Assist

Supercharge agent’s productivity by reducing their load. Give them unified customer view, smart plugin and canned responses to reduce average handling time.

Dashboard & Analytics

Unified dashboard to measure your bot efficiency, compare your bot performance, check agent availability and productivity. Make better decisions with the right data.

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