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Join our Growth Series Masterclass on February 23 – 25 and discover how top leaders at Adjust, AppTweak, and CleverTap are reimagining acquisition, engagement, retention and monetization for 2021.


February 23, 24, 25

Learn the Growth Secrets Driving Success for Today’s Winning Brands

In this 3-day Growth Series Masterclass, you’ll learn:
  • The Marketing Mix model: maximizing growth marketing channels vs. optimizing budget
  • How to increase your app’s visibility and boost organic downloads
  • How to drive analytics to improve engagement and fuel monetization
These top growth professionals will address the challenges they’re overcoming and the strategies they’re using to succeed

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    Growth Series Masterclass

    Find the full program here
    Feb 23, 2021 | 2:00 PM IST

    Customer Acquisition

    Winning Strategies for Mobile App Marketing: Lessons from 2020 for 2021
    Key learnings:
    • New trends and data points around customer behaviour from 2020
    • Channels that will continue to deliver on ROI for marketers across the digital world
    • Leveraging marketing automation and fraud protection solutions for your user acquisition
    • Anticipated changes in customer behaviour and planning better for 2021

    Ender Özcan

    Regional VP Growth EMEA & INSEA at Adjust

    Ender Özcan is Adjust’s Regional VP Growth EMEA, SEA & India. He is responsible for the go-to-market strategy, marketing activities, education, sales operations and client support in these regions. Ender also established the business’ Istanbul offices in 2014, which is home to the regional team.
    A Mobile Marketing Association board member since 2015, Ender is also a co-founder of MMA MENA. He is a seasoned full-stack developer, having launched more than 60 apps on the App Store.
    Feb 24, 2021 | 2:00 PM IST

    New Growth Opportunities

    Build your ASO Strategy from 0 to 100.
    Key learnings:
    • How ASO can be incorporated in your App-Marketing Strategy.
    • How competition can be mapped and untapped opportunities be recognized.
    • How marketing spends on downloads and visibility can be monitored.
    • How does ASO help you win the long term organic downloads goal.

    Simon Thilay

    Head of ASO at AppTweak

    Head of ASO at AppTweak ( Simon is Head of ASO at AppTweak, helping apps boost their visibility and downloads. He’s passionate about new technologies, growth organizations, and inline speed skating. At AppTweak, he works with top clients on ASO Consulting, Projects and more.)
    Feb 25, 2021 | 2:00 PM IST

    Engagement, Retention and Monetization

    Supercharge retention and turn your super fans into brand advocates by pairing real-time analytics with personalized engagement campaigns.
    Key learnings:
    • Using advanced analytics to uncover monetization opportunities
    • Types of campaigns you should automate to drive engagement and save you time
    • Lifecycle optimization to take you from activation to repeat purchase
    • Tap into dormant and churned users for new monetization opportunities

    Meenakshi Ganesh,

    Director, Customer Success (APAC) at CleverTap.

    Meenakshi has over a decade of experience in analytics and strategy consulting for omni-channel marketing. She believes that value to the end consumer and ROI for the business must be at the core of any engagement decision.

    Get Ready to Grow!

    Join us on February 23-25, 2021 to unlock your next phase of growth.
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