Brenda Harvey

General Manager IBM Asia Pacific

I am responsible for financial business results and our clients’ success in the highly dynamic Asia Pacific region, with a focus on ensuring clients are able to benefit from IBM solutions, services and talent to accelerate their digital transformation journeys and solve the world’s biggest challenges.

My passions are working with enterprise and government clients, partners and IBMers to drive business outcomes and competitive advantage from innovative technologies including Cloud, Cognitive, Data, Blockchain, Quantum, Mobility and Security.

By helping teams apply design thinking approaches to business and technology transformations, we help ensure that they have the skills required for future success. As a life-long advocate of continual learning, I am also committed to building inclusive and diverse teams, including supporting women looking to pursue a career in STEM and future leadership roles.

Over the last three decades since joining IBM as a Memory Component Engineer while still studying, I have worked across the depth and breadth of the IBM business globally. I have leadership experience in bridging technical, enterprise applications, services delivery, business process transformation and consulting, organizational leadership, and strategic operations and governance.

Memberships in the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Girls Who Code, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE Engineering Society, and the IBM Executive Women Leadership Council and twice by Fortune magazine: ‘Next Gen Most Powerful Women’ and ‘Most Powerful International Women’ give me opportunities to learn and collaborate to be a better leader.