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Your Guide to a Smooth
Cloud Migration Journey

Transform your business by moving to the cloud
Understand the process for a successful cloud migration journey
Moving to the cloud is a ‘must have’ to meet increased customer expectations, enable agility and innovation, and reduce costs within organizations.
Cloud adoption is accelerating but can be a challenging task as businesses struggle to structure their cloud transformation and plan a successful migration on budget and on time.
In order to achieve all the benefits of digital transformation – cost reduction, flexibility, scalability, and agility – you need a solid strategy, a well thought-out plan, and expert execution.
Do you know how you can plan better and achieve your goals?
Join this webinar series and learn how you can adopt the right approach to move data and applications to a cloud environment.
Attend one or all of the webinars below!
Tuesday, February 8th, 2022 | 11 A.M. PST

WEBINAR 1 : Assess your Cloud Readiness to Identify your Ideal Cloud Deployment Model

Your cloud strategy begins with a cloud readiness assessment to understand the state of your IT systems and processes.
While the cloud helps increase efficiency and manage costs, not every application is the right fit for migration to the cloud. You may need to remediate or re-architect some applications to get them to work well in the cloud.
The cloud migration journey leads to process changes and you need to evaluate the impact these changes will have on your business operations and choose the right approach that meets your current and future needs.
UnifyCloud’s CloudAtlas platform can help you choose the right cloud approach, develop a strategy and plan to execute that approach and implement a successful cloud migration.
In this webinar, we will cover the requirements to conduct a cloud assessment, how to develop a cloud migration strategy and plan, and how to get your digital transformation started.
Tuesday, March 8th, 2022 | 11 A.M. PST

WEBINAR 2: A Proven Cloud Modernization Approach

Once your cloud strategy and plan has been mapped out, you must execute on this plan. Cloud Migrations can be complex, especially when considering the large number of applications and high volume of data in most companies.
Do you know how to simplify moving your workloads to the cloud without impacting day-to-day processes? There are different approaches, but the right planning, tools, and guidance can help you accelerate the journey and move with confidence.
But migrating to the cloud is just one step in the journey. Optimization of your cloud environment is critical to make sure you realize all the benefits of the cloud.
Building a holistic plan will help you navigate the journey successfully and ensure that your organization realizes the benefits of the cloud, including cost reduction, scalability, agility, and efficiency.
In this webinar, we will discuss how you can adopt ‘The Smarter Migration Approach’ to modernize your workloads and optimize your cloud environment and deliver a successful digital transformation for your business.
Tuesday, April 5th, 2022 | 11 A.M. PST

WEBINAR 3: Case Studies in Digital Transformation

Assessment, planning, execution, and optimization are all critical steps in digital transformation. Neglecting any phase can create unforeseen problems, costs and inefficiencies. This is more easily understood when put in the context of other companies that have faced this challenge and taken the journey themselves.
See real-world examples of how organizations have navigated the journey to the cloud successfully and how it’s not as hard as you might think. We’ll highlight each stage of the journey with examples from a variety of industries, including Financial Services (BFSI), Healthcare and Information Technology.
Dive in with the our experts during this Webinar Series to understand everything it takes transform your business and navigate the journey to the cloud, including a thorough assessment to get you started, how to take action to modernize and migrate your workloads and how to optimize your cloud environment.

Our Speaker

Tony Clark

Technical Program Manager An experienced enterprise architect, storage specialist, systems engineer and technical program manager, Tony helps organizations understand and navigate the cloud migration journey.

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